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Ballet Course

Beginning Ballet for adults who have always dreamed of studying Ballet... or studied as a child and want to continue as an adult. This on-line course is also designed for dancers of all levels and ages seeking to improve basic skills.

Private Coaching

Private Ballet Coaching & High Performance Life Coaching. Take your dancing and your life to the next level with Private Coaching. Build strength, flexibility, artistry and stamina to soar with JOY across the stage of life!


Meet us in the studio for ballet classes and coaching. In the studio, you will implement all that you have learned and continue to improve and build your technique, artistry and confidence. The dance continues... never stop growing!


Begin your Ballet journey today... Special offer of $97 for our online course geared specifically for dancers taking their first steps or picking up after a long time off. 

Go at your own pace. Choose your schedule. Dance in the comfort of your own home and join us in the studio when you are ready.

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It's Never Too Late To Begin

We believe ballet is for all ages, all body types and all abilities. Whether you danced years ago or haven't taken a dance class in your life - it is never too late to start again where you left off or get started for the first time. Your body, mind and spirit will thank you! If not today, then when?

Break Free

Were you born to dance? Unleash your inner artist. Build your confidence through ballet. Stand taller, with ease and grace. Let this be a new beginning. Your time is now! Take your life and your dancing to the next level. We believe everyone was born to dance!

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Testimonials From our Students

Ballet gave me that missing feeling, and it has left nothing in me or my life untouched.... You've helped me find a part of myself I never knew I'd be able to access.  I feel at home in your class, and  think you are simply wonderful. We all do. I look forward to learning from you for a long time to come. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

-- Maryse M.

You've inspired me to do something I never thought I could - dance! I've tried classes in the past, but always dropped out because I just felt so hopeless about my body - it's inflexibility, it's slowness, and what I perceived as it's ugliness. In nine months, I've seen my body change dramatically - in what it can do, how it feels, the way it looks,. For the first time, I stand up straight, proud of my physical self - I cried the first time someone said, "you must he a dancer - you're so elegant and graceful!".... I feel that there are not enough words to say what I want to say, or to thank you enough. You can't know how much you impact our lives as students - we are profoundly changed by what you do, and we carry your lessons in our bodies and minds and hearts.

-- Anonymous

I've gained invaluable knowledge and experience of both ballet as an art form and ballet as a life form... My fellow dancer friends and I reached this shared metaphor that Miss Vicki's teaching is like warm spring water: her guidance is powerful bout not intimditatig; her care is warm but not overwhelming; her mentorship can be shaped flexibly around each and every single individual, given their specific backgrounds, needs and facilities.  I highly recommend this class to anyone who is seeking strength, beauty and equilibrium.

-- E. Chen

With Vicki's infinite patience and genuine encouragement, I found myself noticeably improving through the years. She was able to draw out the sheer joy of classical ballet from my soul. I leave classes with a deep sense of gratitude for my health, for the ability to dance, and for a safe place to experience sweaty exultation of classical ballet! ~ Shannon is a leader, a wealth of dance knowledge, and generous with her rich supply of gifts. Shannon instills in her students the love of dance and the joy it brings her!

-- D. Guzman

Your Accompanist

Jack O'Donnell - "Wyreless Lovebird" has composed and played each piece of music for this course, crafting each piece thoughtfully and lovingly with you, the dancer in mind. We hope you enjoy his magical, musical creations! Here's Jack in the ballet studio :)


Dance with Life!

Take the first step today. We can't wait to help you glow with the grace and power within you... and dance! xo, Shannon & Vicki


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